Small Businesses Directories  for Each of the 774 Local Councils in Nigeria

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About NaijaCashback

What Is Cashback?


My name is Wale Adeleke(you can google me online) and I am the owner of  ;   and . and are about business directories in local councils nationwide in Nigeria, and naijatowns is about history of over 1000 towns, people, culture and tourist attraction

Cashback is a way for you to save money every time you shop from your local businesses in your local council area and anywhere from our participating businesses. A percentage of the purchase is returned to you as a cash back rebate when you complete your purchase with any business  of our thousands of businesses from all the 774 local council area in over 1000 towns nationwide in Nigeria. All money is earned after the purchase has been successfully completed and  tracked.

To ensure you get the greatest deals every time you go to buy something from your local customers, simply sign in to your local council  HERE and visit your local council small business directory and find the business you want. If the store you want to shop at is not available, you can introduce yourself as a member to the business owners and tell them to get their businesses listed free. By doing this, you will earn cashback on every purchase you make - whether you are booking a vacation, hunting for new clothes, shopping for vitamins, or signing up for a new utility or mobile service just going for check up in the hospital.

An additional way to boost your cashback earnings is by getting your friends, family & colleagues to sign up in your local council platform .